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Rats: It is that time of the year when you should start worrying about them

main_rats_1639873aRats are can be really a menace if not controlled within time. Giving poison does not help if the infestation is high and one would need the help of a top pest controller in Sydney or anywhere else to get rid of them. Even if the infestation is mot high, they keep coming back even after you manage to kill few using poison or rat traps. Rats destroy everything starting from food to beddings. They eat away the containers that we use to keep cereals or any other food items. They make holes in our shoes and clothes as well.


With the onset of winter, rodents like rats start looking for food from alternate sources. They normally feed from garbage bins, wild fruits or from our garden. But with the onset of winter, these get covered with snow and rats enter our home in search of food. This year, the winter arrived early than before and that made the rats look for winter shelter with a continuous food supply. Most complaints start coming from end of January but this year complaints started coming from Christmas itself. They are finding rats curled up behind their fridges or elsewhere.

All the pest controllers are experiencing a massive rise in calls. Rats have flexible bones that make it possible for them to squeeze in through small holes as well in search of some insulation and food. They start living with us and we do not get an idea of that unless we see the damage or experience bad odour. If you are facing rat infestation, make sure of calling Termite Control in Sydney as they are experienced and have pest control professionals. They are considered termite expert in Sydney. Log on to for termite control expert in Sydney not just for rats but for all kinds of pests.   


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Pest management: a new approach to pest control

When you see ants running in your garden or a cockroach crawling out of vent, you might think of calling the pest control company. However, give it a second thought before doing so! You call the company once but you actually do not have a plan on how to deal with the problem. You may not be well aware with the severity of the problem and take the major step before hand, which is inappropriate. Thus, it is firstly important to analyze the problem and understand what you are dealing with. You can then proceed to the other steps. The various stages of accurate pest management include:

Recognize the problem: Before you find a solution to one, you need to understand what the problem is! Finding out the problem and understanding the crisis is the basic step. Therefore, it is important for you to trace out the problem first. 

Degree of attack: By degree of attack we mean, the majority of pest in your home. This step is important because this will help you decide the termite control Sydney plan to choose! Based on the degree of attack, you can choose what kind of pest control mechanism you are going to implement. 

Natural cure: We already know that the companies use harmful chemicals to get rid of the pests. Thus, one should avoid using it because it also harms our environment and atmosphere. You must apply Biological and eco-friendly termite treatment first. 

Plan the frequency: Once you have decided about pest control mechanism, you must decide upon the frequency of the pest control methods that you should opt for! This might be once or twice in a year and it depends on various factors.


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