The best solution for termites

16 Oct

themeIt is not easy to control termites once they have attacked your house. Until and unless you have killed the queen termites, you really cannot get rid of them. Not all pest controllers employ the required techniques needed to get rid of the termites and they keep coming back. If you want a permanent solution to all the problems created by termites and other pests, Home Termite Control located in Sydney is the best choice.

You can control termites by keeping your surroundings dry as termites need moisture to survive. Improve the drainage system and also the ventilation. Fix any leakages. Clean the surrounding areas of any debris or timber which can increase the chances of termite infestation.

Hyne-Timber-407410-600x478Termites can destroy your doors and other wooden products within hours of their infestation. Also insurance does not cover losses due to termites. So it is always a great idea to go for an inspection as it not always easy to detect termite infestation. Home termite control use eco friendly methods to make your homes termite free. Their experts know what will be the best solution to your termite problem and employ methods accordingly.

They inspect your property and detect the areas where termite breeding is taking place. They employ techniques like termite dusting, termite baiting and make use of eco friendly chemicals to kill the termites. Termite baiting takes about three to four months and the time depends upon the intensity of infestation and is the best when the location of the nest is not known. Dusting is faster process and takes about 6 weeks on an average. The whole colony gets poisoned when a single poisoned termite rubs it body against other. But dusting is a slow process and it won’t work when a new colony of termites attack your premises. Home termite control offers the best commercial pest control solution for your home pest control.


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  1. Termite Inspections sydney

    May 20, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Great tips to control termites…. I will surely work on these tips,,,,,


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